My anxiety is back in spades but who’s to say times don’t merit it?

Besides the whole Trump lying to get the popular vote, climate accords going to hell, billionaire vultures swooping in after the kill, and the Supreme Court thing… last night my mom had a guy who had ostensibly come to clean her windows steal her necklace. Short of a strong arm robbery it was pretty intense because she confronted him.

Christine says that my level of anxiety is more than other people, and being a nurse she has seen a lot.

My son says I have more anxiety than anyone he knows. So the question is what will I do about it?

Yoga martial arts meditation travel done all that.

It occurs to me that before I sign up for pharmaceuticals I should give up coffee and take up running and just that alone calms me down a little bit because who wants to do that?

They say the Danish people are genetically programmed to be happy.

They have a concept that one must not be too ostentatious, that simplicity is valued.

They believe that the first thing you have to do is raise up all the people underneath you so a 50% tax on income is not an outrageous thing.

They believe sit down to dinner open a glass of wine with friends…boom! happiness is yours.