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Tips for dying # 15: the same ol

So you’re going to start repeating yourself. A lot. The lack of oxygen in your brain will facilitate this.

Here’s my question…how come you don’t notice how differently people react with each time you re-tell a story?

The first time they engage you and hang on your words , but by the fourth or fifth time you tell the same story they have a stony look on their face or a patronizing smile…are you so withdrawn that you cannot see them?

No one wants to be impolite and stop you, everyone gives you the benefit of the doubt, maybe this time you’ll finish the story differently…maybe you’ll have a different conclusion, or maybe you have something to add…but no.

What will I want? These days, when I feel my kids don’t “hear” my point of view I get so frustrated…they are quick to assume I’ll take a certain opposing position, but often I feel I’m agreeing with them.

When I’m daft with oxygen deprecation will I feel angry and want to be heard even though I’m telling the same story over and over? How can I prevent this? What lessons can I learn now to stop my habitual needs?

Can I become a listener not a lecturer? Fat chance I fancy myself a teacher …still…how does one become more monk- like and lovable? Less mom-like and loathe-able?



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