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Tips for Dying: #12: Toss It!

Hanging out at dad’s place reminded me how important it is to keep bathroom shelves bare. Oh, sure you can have a huge cartoon of tp in the basement in case the apocalypse happens and you need to trade it for salt.

There’s no sense in keeping 4 tubes of old sunscreen around because if you get Sick or Injured your loved ones will be wading thru your stuff looking for your nail clippers.

This weekend, inspired by the multiple shampoo bottles dad kept, I tossed a lot of old product that I knew I wouldn’t use even in an emergency and couldn’t donate. It felt good, despite my regrets that I ever bought so much in the first place, and everything looks much nicer.

My grandma gave everything away as she aged, lightening the load of stuff right down to nothing but some towels, a couple trinkets, and some tins. I think that’s an excellent approach towards a graceful dissolution:

Lesson: buy less, replace only if empty. I don’t have small children and the aliens haven’t landed yet, so I can always get more if I need it.



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