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Tips for Dying #9: Remember Your Ex-Anniversary and your Ex’s Birthday

Hey my Gay Friends!  Welcome to the World of Marriage!  Turns out that in this world, if you are with someone for more than ten years you might be able to get a portion of their benefits so even though you may decide to divorce, you’ll still need to keep those marriage/divorce documents and dates handy.  Yes, that’s right.  They are not potential confetti but rather a ticket…especially if you are a housewife or dependent.  At least I think so…this is what I have gathered:

The Hospice Team has a social worker and one of his jobs is to make sure that the caretakers are taken care of.  If he discovers that the surviving partner does not have a steady stream of income lined up he will recommend that he/she apply for Survivor’s benefits.  Whether or not benefits will be awarded is yet to be seen.  Never mind calling, you’ll go to If you’re my age (51) and you’re helping someone who’s older (68) you might need to help them navigate the website.

It was easy once I put down my trepidation.  I only had a hard time with the Health Insurance piece…the application set me into a loop that could not be corrected.  Luckily there’s a section to comment, so I explained why I left that part blank.  I’m supposed to hear back in 5 days.  It was a good application with “more info” buttons that brought you back to the application when you closed them, so I was happily not stranded pushing the “back” button.

I don’t expect she will get much, but it seemed important to ask and every bit will help.

To apply for Social Security/Vet/Medicare/ Survivor benefits you’ll need:

Name/date/place of birth

Active duty start/end date/tag number

Marriage/Divorce decree(s)
Birth info of former spouse(s) Yes you do need to remember your ex’s birthdate & anniversary after all…but it will be on your old marriage license which you have a copy of, right?

Health plan insurance info

Put all these important things some where safe.  Do it today.  If you don’t have that info send your ex a bouquet and request a copy or get thyself to a county office while you are still ambulatory.



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