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Tips for Dying #8: No Bossy/Judgy Attitudes

Okay, I know my dad is dying and “he gets to be the boss of his own journey” (see previous tip) but…note to self… that doesn’t mean you can micro-manage the affairs of the living from your death bed…this note is to myself…kind of as a reminder on how absurd it is to criticize perfectly capable people( …the force of my inner critic is strong…)

I figure it will be hard to stamp out dirty habits of mind even as I lay dying, so I need to start now!

Here’s today’s show…I laugh because laughter breaks the tension even if I don’t think I’m supposed to laugh:

Dad yells (in his whispery voice): “Hey! Don’t cut the credit card in so many pieces!”

Sue walks back in, “What?”

Dad: “What are you cutting up?”

Sue: “An old credit card”

Dad:”that’s what I thought…don’t cut it up so much…”

Me: (groaning, sighing)

Sue: (laughing softly) that’s the way I do it…”

Dad:”well, don’t”

Me: “ah jeez, dad…” (I fight back the urge to inform him that she is capable of deciding how many pieces…)

Sue: laughs softly.

She is a saint…how do I nominate her to the Vatican?

And how is it Dad is so weak but has such great hearing?



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