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Rise & Shine

This is a practice by vinyasa teacher Kira Ryder.   She believes sometimes one needs to play with poses, move intelligently, investigate.  Let the poses pump prana into you especially the hips and sacrum which can become stagnant.

Your face is “the dashboard of the pranic system.”  When your face is tight, your body is too.

Baddha Konasana..5 minutes

Cowboy Negotiation Pose: squat press leg away

Hammock Pose:  Forward Bend with wide legs

Horse Stance with Uddiyana bandha

Virabhadrasana 2: rotate palms up, sway

Low lunge with external rotation

Rounded plank pose

Cobra Pose with Side sweeps

Rocket Cat: curl halfway from balasana toes curled under, tongue out

Slumpy swami twist: sukhasana with slump and twist.




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