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Cooling Pitta “Fire”

Dr. Douglas Brooks:  What we are teaching when we teach yoga,

The Skill of Self Awareness & Embodiment

The Skill of Self Care (big self, small self, temporary self, transcendent self, layers…the annamanakosha “meat envelope”)

The Subject Matter of Yoga:  What will you yoke yourself to?  Eve in the Garden of Eden. Why she ate the apple is irrelevant (defiance? a sacrificial act of abundance? self awareness?) she did and so do we and apples are good to eat.

(I seem to be yoked to busyness without reward..hoping for future gain.)

This is from a class by Felicity Tomaso

Curl the tongue, smile thru gritted teeth, or purse lips to cool in thru mouth, out through nose.  Rub hands, place on face.

Bridge pose on block: release very slowly and hold at each junction.

Happy Baby: earth is an antedote for fire.

Gomukhasana legs on back: draw knees in.

Baddhakonasana on back:

Bridge with fingers interlaced, don’t clamp down, soften.

Twists on back with soft rolling

Quadruped:  roll shoulders then slide one arm underneath.

DD Plank Cobra

On belly: interlace fingers behind salambhasana…heart not head


Sun salute with kneeling side bend.  Walk leg wider, low lunge on elbows.


Standing Splits



Side Plank

Wild Thing

Release, twist, sit



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