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Yoga for The Week of October 7th: On Willpower & Habit

ImageWhen scientists study willpower, they find that it is like muscle.  It can be strengthened and developed and like a muscle it fatigues by the end of the day.

When we are fatigued, we revert to habits.  We’ve all heard about dirty habits and we know how hard it is to break them.   The good news is that scientists have also found out that it’s easier to break bad habits when you replace them with good ones.  If you replace bad habits with good ones, you will be in an excellent place to continue on your path even when your willpower fades at the end of the day.

Here’s an example:  At the end of the day, when I’m tired, I often want to grab anything to ‘hold me over’ till dinner.  I chose a new habit:  At the end of the day, when I’m tired, I come home, put on an apron and wash my hands.  For whatever reason, the apron makes me a serious cook.  I transform myself from a needy tired slob to a hausfrau, a mom.  The clean hands inspire me to wash produce and start chopping.

But I’m not perfect.  I’ve got another habit I’ve got to fix:  I tend to keep working past 9:00 p.m. I know that 9:00 is the cut off time I must observe if I am going to go to bed by 10:00.  Stopping at 9:00 allows me time to do my evening ablutions and relax with my feet up the wall before bed.  But I need a signal, a stimulus, a reason to stop.  I’m working on it, I’ll keep you posted.

A Christmas Kiss with Christmas Apron

This week: Triangle and Reverse Triangle

Trikona = Triangle, Tri = three, Kona=angle, Asana= Seat, Parivrtta = Revolved.

“October 8th:  Even if you can bend forward and place your palms flat on the floor, you are not guaranteed happiness. Living Your Yoga:  Yoga Practice is a strategy for being happy.  The way it works, however is a paradox.  yoga teaches us to discover the happiness that already lives within us.  Touching your toes does not create happiness; it slows you down enough to experience it.  Remember this today when you practice your poses.” Judith Hanson Lasater.



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