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“Yes, and…”

In Tina Fey’s book, Bossy Pants, she state how important the primary tenant  of  Improv has been to her life.  When a comedian (or the universe) presents a situation to you, your job is to keep the ball rolling by saying, “Yes, and…”.  The minute you question or dismiss the premise, the fun stops.

I told this story during a recent yoga class and the next time I held class I had a student tell me how much she had just received a diagnosis of an auto-immune form of arthritis.  As a young woman, she was relieved to understand what was causing her pain, but she was also, obviously, dismayed.

Armed with Tina Fey’s wisdom, however, she decided to “Yes, and…”  Yes, I have this diagnosis, and now what shall I do with it?




Maria Young Ace Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500) Independent Contractor providing the following services: Office Management, Bookkeeping, Web Design, Marketing and Instruction in Yoga and Martial Arts for children and adults. Black Belt, 4 year program, LockBoxing. Maria studied under Erik Lee and won Grand Champion at the Kuk Sool Tri-State Tournament in 2006. Experience Certified Yoga Instructor: 700 hour level. At Piedmont Yoga, Maria’s main instructors were Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee, and Clare Finn. To them she is eternally grateful. Richard Rosen, founder Piedmont Yoga Studio & editor of Yoga Journal says: “Among the 30...students Maria was always among the more assiduous and adept.  If you’re thinking of adding Yoga instruction to your program, then I highly recommend Maria for the job.” College: CSULB: B.A. English Literature, UC Berkeley: M.A. Comparative Literature