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Meditation on your happy safe place

Think about a place from any time in your life that was your happy safe place . For example mine was at my aunty Inez’s house: She had the classic LA home, a perfectly round Art Deco house. Outback she had a swimming pool with birds of paradise and palms. There was a pond with carp, lotus flowers and a turtle. Behind the pond was an aviary full of birds. The pond was a delight: it wound around the side of the yard, went underground and bubbled up under her staircase inside house.
I would swim in the pool until I was exhausted, then i would feast on Oreos, and lay on the hot cement next to the pond and look at the flowers and fish and the turtle if I was lucky. I would watch my skin dry and smell the wet cement until I dozed off.
Try now to remember a place that was special like this for you… A family cabin, Hey café in college, a library. Notice all the details of the place: the smells , the sounds, whether it was warm or cold, what food or drink you enjoyed, who is there with you, and how you felt. Notice the simplicity of that secure feeling. The tangible objects around you were probably not much different than the objects that surround you now. The only difference might be that then you had the luxury to explore and enjoy the things around you. Or maybe the simple faith that you were being taken care of and that everything would be okay.

Can you look for the beauty and everlasting quality of this moment with the same faith that this place is just as special and just as safe right now? Right now be in this safe and happy space by absorbing and appreciating what’s around you.

Notice how your absorption and your appreciation creates the space and safety you seek in an endless loop of observer and observed in eternal mutual adoration.



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