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And yet there’s more…Worriers and Warriors Eagles and Snakes

Eagle and Snake

This week as Erik and I spoke to our students about Worriers and Warriors, Erik came up with this:

“We all know that when you are about to do something big or important you get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.  Some people misinterpret this feeling as a sign of weakness.  It is just like young new students who come in and get very alarmed by the sweat they produce…they point to it as if something is terribly wrong and must be fixed.  But sweat tells you you are challenging yourself, you are working hard, you are getting better.  Sweat is a sign that your body is working appropriately.

Similarly, when you are nervous, you will feel slight anxiety.  Once you know that this is normal and this is good, that your body is flooding your brain with oxygen in anticipation of the event, then you can relax knowing that you will perform better.  Instead of stressing on the stress, use it to energize you.  Do this in small doses until you get used to the feeling, then challenge yourself more.”

When I think about the classic battle of the Eagle and Snake, I think of Worriers and Warriors…The warrior, arms extended in a “power pose” as Amy Cuddy would say, the snake curled in upon itself lashing out.  The two twist and turn, one is of the sky, one is of the earth.  Like the snake, the eagle streamlines his body as he strikes fast, and like the Eagle, the snake twists and turns and dives to strike.  So here goes:

Today, lots of side-bending to access our lateral snakiness.  Thanks to: “Side Attraction” Modified sequence from Janet Stone in Yoga Journal.

And Thanks!  Added Shoulder Girdle subscapularis discussion from  Tiffany Cruikshank

1.  Twisting Uttanasana

2.  Malasana with a twist

3.  Standing side bend

4. Anjaneyasana…low lunge with side bend

5. Three Legged Dog,

6.  Parigasana, gate pose

7. Elbow Plank **Added front fall position, squat to elbow plank, hop back, sprawl…

8.  Wild Thing.

9. Temple Pose with Side Bend

10. Janu Sirsasana


Setu Bandha

Big Baddhakonasan over a bolter


I discussed the Eckhardt Tolle quote, about the light of consciousness shining through as the body fades, and one student told me it helped her to finally understand what she saw and felt as her mother as she “worked out her final story” after a stroke.  She described how in her last days in this incarnation, her mother  (who laid in a coma) had a beautiful, soft, gracious smile in the days before her death: the light of consciousness through the fading form.  I’m always happy and grateful when students share these stories.



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