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The week of Monday, September 24th

Yoga Sequence:


“Anything that happens in mind influences the body, and vice versa.  Mind is the flow of thought, as a river is a flow of water.  As the water, so the river.  If the water is clear, the river is clear.  If the water is polluted, the river is polluted.  Likewise, as the though, so the mind.  If our thoughts breathe fear, mind becomes fearful.  If angry thoughts flow or flood through the mind, the mind becomes anger….every change in our mental state is instantaneously reflected in the chemistry and functioning of the body.”

“The term man vaha srotas means “the pathway of the mind.” Mano means mind, vaha implies carrying, and srotas means pathway or channel.  To describe the mind as a lively channel of energy captures its reality as fluid movement. Mano vaha srotas is not a “thing” but a continuous flow or stream of consciousness.”

(From Marma Points of Ayurveda by Vasant D. Lad & Anisha Durve)

Explorations from Shadow Yoga:

Koshas are five sheaths of existence.  Gross to Subtle:

•annamaya kosha (physical or food body)

•pranamaya kosha (breath body)

•manomaya kosha (mental body)

•vijñanamaya kosha (wisdom body)

•anandamaya kosha (bliss body)

Body reconstructs itself constantly:  “one month, we have totally new skin, as far as the atoms and cells are concerned.  Our superficial self dies and a new one takes shape.  In the space of four days, we have a completely new gasro-mucous lining.  In a period of six months, all the atoms of the liver are replaced…”

Here’s what I remember from the class: The Balakrama “Stepping into Strength” using the legs, building bone tissue.

Churning not static.

Rotate ankles, hips, head, shoulders, hips

Twist: torso tap two marma points.

Ki Cho Cha Ki breath reversed

Horse stance, torso leans and drops, root through heels, then circling.

Squat hands between legs, high heels, palms up, step on palms

Cross Legged Squat “Vahni” Flame:  High heels

“Virasthana” “hero” horse stance to side squat

Add  low pigeon lunge  “Karkottaka” “lizard”



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