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Fall Detox Starts Oct. 1st

This year I am aiming to do the Yoga Journal Fall Detox which starts Oct. 1st.

This year what stands out to me more than anything is the part that says “slow down.”  So I’m going to try.  I’m aiming to focus on just one extracurricular thing: reading/studying for anatomy and my ACE certification.  No job hunting.  No fretting over my path.

I will use my studies to create my class curriculum and I will try to be organized enough to utilize these concepts in both my yoga and martial arts classes.

I will find time to speak with a career counselor and I will find time to plan a program for next September.

I will find time to enjoy my trip to Paris for my birthday and to Indian Wells for continuing education credits.

I will find time to explore various studios and the classes they offer whether singing, dancing, yoga, or pilates.

“The seasons are also governed by doshic activity. According to Ayurvedic theory, by the time autumn rolls around, we have accumulated plenty of heat in our tissues from the summer—that’s fiery pitta dosha. As the leaves dry up and the wind begins to blow, vata dosha begins to take over—the one governed by air and marked by change, instability, and anxiety. Metaphorically speaking, what happens when you add random blasts of air to a fire? It burns even brighter. Blossom says that when the accumulated heat of pitta is fanned by vata, it can lead to mental and physical burnout, stressing our adrenals and nervous system and putting some of the body’s natural detoxification processes on hold.”



Maria Young Ace Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500) Independent Contractor providing the following services: Office Management, Bookkeeping, Web Design, Marketing and Instruction in Yoga and Martial Arts for children and adults. Black Belt, 4 year program, LockBoxing. Maria studied under Erik Lee and won Grand Champion at the Kuk Sool Tri-State Tournament in 2006. Experience Certified Yoga Instructor: 700 hour level. At Piedmont Yoga, Maria’s main instructors were Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee, and Clare Finn. To them she is eternally grateful. Richard Rosen, founder Piedmont Yoga Studio & editor of Yoga Journal says: “Among the 30...students Maria was always among the more assiduous and adept.  If you’re thinking of adding Yoga instruction to your program, then I highly recommend Maria for the job.” College: CSULB: B.A. English Literature, UC Berkeley: M.A. Comparative Literature