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balance poses


On Monday we worked on a variety of standing balance poses to regain our bearings with the advent of daylight savings time.  I know I felt tired and discombobulated, and I think this practice helped.

Erik and I both agree:  the one weekend combination of seeing Act of Valor and then hearing about the slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan is a completely schizophrenic experience.  It’s one of the reasons why I have to turn off the news every now and then and just live my small town life.

Erik reminded me about how the Buddhists value compassion above all else…that is, the worst thing that can happen is that one loses one’s compassion/empathy.

We both laughed and agreed, it’s so much easier to have compassion when you are winning.  Which is of course ridiculous.

It’s a rainy day and the only thing that must be done today is teaching later in the afternoon.  This week we switch, Erik will be in early at 4:30, I’ll be teaching the 5:30-7:30 slot.



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