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Yes, we have no bananas.

I am teaching at 11:30 a.m. Monday morning.  By some bizarre computer/clerical error my students received a note I wouldn’t be there.  But I will.  Hope you join me.


This weekend I continued working on my garden which now has some extra sunny spots now that I removed the decorative tree that used to sit at the end of my yard.  Apparently it dropped “poisonous” pods that prevented anything from growing under it.  The shade alone (along with the redwoods that sit to the west) also prevented growth.  

Now, it looks like I might just get something to grow there so I transplanted my yucca which has been lingering in a pot, my succulents, and a couple leonidas plants.  We’ll see if there’s enough sun to support them and finally wake up that datura.  Still pondering what to do with the oleander…front side yard? 

The fun part was rolling the giant root bound yucca across the yard and watching the roots whip about, trying to convince myself that this little bit of stress will really help the plant come back stronger.

The stressful/beautiful part was picking up a pot I wanted to move and finding a big mama newt and her ball of all black babies under it.  She stared up at me, blinded by the light no doubt, frozen.  I apologized profusely and quickly tried to figure out what to do.  I couldn’t plop the pot back, I didn’t want to squish them.  I mounded up some soft dirt, and put the pot back right next to them.  Then I put some more dirt around them and she shuttled under the pot.  The babies and mom were covered successfully (I hope) and then I place other items around them to prevent raccoon fingers from finding them.


As I said, a wonder, but stressful.  I hope they are okay.



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