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Yesterday at Santorini’s Deli

Note self:  what a nice day, after training we went to Santorini’s Deli before the crowds arrived.  The owner and Erik were joshing around like usual, and they got into a “how good are you?” contest.  He asked, “Can you kick that?” (A decoration hanging from the ceiling) and Erik said sure and did a jump front kick and touched it.  The guy said, “Oh sure, jumping”  Erik almost split a gut laughing, “Jeez…dude, give me a break…”  Then the owner (who has springs) jumped up a few times to try to kick.  It was a totally fun and charming day.  

“How old are you?”  Erik said “50”…they had guessed 38.  

“How long you two been together?” Erik stated correctly, “Six years?” looking at me.  I said, “We’ve know each other for twelve years…” The owner only heard me and said to Erik (again, busting his b*lls) “Six years?  Where you been?”  Again, Erik busts up laughing.  I corrected him, “No, Erik’s right” but by then Erik is bright red laughing just because it was all so silly.

Nice day.



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