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Today we yin.

Like a lovely pedicure, sometimes you just have to sit still long enough to get your desired results.  So although we aim to right action while letting go of the fruits of our labors, in today’s class we will dive into some long holds yin yoga style to experience the deep release that comes with time.

Paul Grilley “The ultimate mental Yin attitude of mind is to wait without anxiety.”  Reminds me of the line from the Catholic Mass “As we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

But in both cases “waiting” implies a future moment.  How about “regarding”?  Let’s think about it.  Nonetheless, I do love Mr. Grilley’s comparison of our sacrum to fern fronds that start curved and eventually unfurl.

I agree  we do the same unfurl then straighten but then bend again like horns and seashells solidify into a forward curve.   To maintain comfort we resist solidification.

We will be borrowing Paul Grilley’s 1st sample practice routine:

1.  Leg Raises

2.  Snail

3.  Forward Bend

4.  Tripod

5.  Crocodile

6.  Camel

7.  Child’s Pose

8.  Saddle

9.  Folded Pose

10.  Butterfly

11. Spinal Twist

12.  Pentacle



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