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YJ Conference with Desiree Rumbaugh

Desiree Spreads Her Toes


“The opposite of love is not hate…the opposite of love is fear.”

I’m back from my annual lovefest with yoga at the Hyatt Embarcadero in San Francisco.  Above you see a photo of Desirée Rumbaugh’s beautiful strong feet, taking during her class on mastering handstands the Anusara Yoga way.

Each year I go, I write furious notes, and remember why I practice yoga each morning.  This year, although I haven’t been taking public classes very much, I was gratified to find that I’m still feeling quite capable of advanced postures and surprisingly more comfortable in my body because I’m finally less worried about the external manifestation of each asana.

On day one and day two, I signed up for the business of yoga seminars and very much enjoyed learning that although I am not running a large yoga studio, and definitely not a business major, I am naturally doing most of the things they suggest.  Under the heading, “building community” I was particularly impressed with Shannon Page Schneider, the owner of OmTime who discussed Yoga Studio Ownership 101–the importance of building community–it reminded me of how much our school has come together as a spot to meet and greet friends and how delightful it is that the kids (and their siblings) seem to enjoy hanging out in the front room coloring and playing cards.

As Mr. Fong said, our space has a nice fung shei and I agree.  The spot across the water, the front door open to the bay breezes, the back windows open to the landscaped area, it all contributes to a peaceful feeling, even though we are essentially in an office condo in an industrial park.

Mr. Ben Harper, publisher of Yoga Journal spoke about MRI

(Media Market Research) that indicated that yoga is still the fastest growing “sport” with 4 million participants in 2001 to 13 million in 2009.  

I wonder about UFC and MMA and how that all stacks up, but I can see that as our boomer population ages, that vigorousness of martial arts training, would not necessarily lend itself to an easy fit.  Hence, I think, the importance of a tai chi type martial arts fitness program…tae bo?

No pivots, perhaps therapeutic forms…

Erik just called about a new exercise said to increase kids’ attention in school…Squats with Ear Tugs.   Sounds good.

More on the conference later…



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