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Words from Aadil for Valentine’s Day

From 2/12/10:

“When we transform our thoughts, feelings, and desires by surrendering them to the heart, we allow more wisdom to flow through the body. 


For example, if I wanted a new car, home, or job, first I must ask myself why. Is there a part of my shadow that believes this new thing will change me, or is there a calling from my Soul to experience something new in my life, made possible by the new car, home, or job? This is the practice of offering our dreams to our Soul in the Heart Center, and letting go of our attachment to the outcome. Another way to think about the concept of surrender is to imagine what kind of a world we would have if we asked of every new idea, business or invention, “Will this help us move closer to our Light, or will it increase our separation?”  


The same can be asked of our yoga. The beauty of practicing asana is that it opens up the body, allowing more light to flow through it. This, in turn, gives the body the opportunity to release blockages. However, if the poses are done from what we call the vital energy which has the intention to increase one’s power, then the ego fills the body (rather than the body being transformed by light) and blockages increase. However, the vital energy, stored in the pelvis, has a gift: the beauty of the vital energy is that it provides fuel for transformation. The energy of the vital, when surrendered to the heart, allows more wisdom to flow through the body.”  by Aadil Palkhivala


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