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Wolf Saves Girl, Puppy Rolls in Poo

The Highs and Lows of Motherhood.


Well, two big events.  The other night Wolf texted “Boom just saved a girl from anaphalatic shock”.  My first response was, “Who is Boom?”


“Boom is an exclamation, Mom.”


A girl Wolfgang was with forgot her epi pen and ate a peanut .  When she started swelling, going red in the face, and developing hives, he called campus security and waited with her until the EMTs arrives (the medical center was closed.)

YAY Wolf!

Conversely, although this morning started great (Kali slept in her crate without crying all night) it ended poorly.   After going pee outside, I started back up the steps to the house without realizing that she took off to go roll in some wet poo.

Oh joy of joys.

What followed was a two hour cycle of washing her, burning my clothes, showering, re-washing her, washing towels…sniffing everything to see if I missed something…you get the gist.

Dining with Me.


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