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What To Do When He Shoots In

From 11/10/09:

Today’s class started with Erik asking a young student to come up and tackle him.  She walked up and gently put her arms around his waist, giggling.

Erik paused for dramatic effect.  Looking up at the class he said, “Well, I was going to show you what to do if someone tackles you, but if they give you a hug, you can hug them back.”  He then gave her a big silly bear hug much to the amusement of the class.  He then corrected her tackle position, and gave her a big sweep.  

The students erupted:  “Me next!”  “Me next!”

When the next boy came up he stood in a stilted position with his arms frozen in front of Erik.  Erik considered him for a minute and continued the gag:

“Hmmm…I was going to show you what to do if someone tackles you, but if they want to dance….” he then grabbed his arms and did a silly swing dance.  The boy collapsed into giggles.  Erik then put him into position and swept his legs out as well…the chorus of “Me next!” started all over again.

Here’s the drill:  when your opponent grabs you around the waist driving you to the side,use your same size arm to grab their belly and sweep them using your leg.



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