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Thoughts are mere shadows of feelings. Feel, then think.

from 1/7/09:

To Ganesh:  The Lord of Auspicious Beginnings, the Remover of Obstacles.

Our body has two brains–the one in our head and the one in our gut.  Our mission, as yogis, is to link the two energetically through the heart.


For the New Year we will pay attention to the signals that wash over us–sensations– then choose how to act instead of simply reacting habitually. We begin with our body through asana practice, then through our practice, we bring this skill into everyday life. 


Today, instead of worrying about what everyone else looks like in class and fretting if you are “doing it right”, drop your attention down.  Hear the instructions, then go deep into your body and try to feel.  My job is to talk and demonstrate, your job is to feel. External focus on “looking right” is just chatter from your monkey brain.  Let it go.  For now, don’t worry, just feel.


To begin a new year, sometimes it’s helpful to focus on old habits.  Like an itch you refuse to scratch, if you focus intently on the sensation, you notice that it will glow strongly then dissolve completely leaving you to wonder if it was ever really there at all (something to practice in savasana).



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