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Things That Make Kids Laugh Out Loud

Fomr 11/7/09:

Most of Erik’s students laugh when he’s able to blurt out yet another rhyme in class, but it wasn’t until our latest group of black belts gave him a Memory Book with special quotes that it dawned on me that someone should be taking note. 


On a wrist lock technique remembered by Olivia B.

“When you turn the faucet and the sprinklers come on, then you know it worked.”


Instructing two girls to practice:

“Mai Mai and Maisie…Hurry up and amaze me!”


On how to do a punching drill:

“Punch for the beak but don’t make it leak.”


On a pressure point move:

“Six Shooters!” which isn’t obvious unless you know the move, but I wanted to remember it.


More as I hear them.


Pictured above is one of SBN’s students who is testing for black belt.  She is the coolest, most graceful, & humble kid you would ever want to meet.  Endlessly gentle with her little brother and effortlessly calm and collected when helping in class she is a mere ten years old.  Look at that face!  Ancient Wisdom that could Knock your Teeth in if you deserved it.  Keep going kid.




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