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The Annual Hawthorn Berry Feast

From 1/16/10:

I saw a robin outside on the wire.  First robin of the Spring?  Or last robin of the Fall? 


I’m voting “First” since I haven’t seen one in such a long time.  Still…he looked cold.


Even as I typed that, I thought to myself, he’s probably here to eat the berries on my tree out back…sure enough I looked up to see one perched just outside my window.


How lovely…the second robin of Spring!


I am so grateful I get to train inside.  I understand the Paleo movement, and know first hand how difficult it is to say, run on the sand barefoot down Crown Beach.  But the cold.  The deep cold.  I’m wired for warmth.  My stretch, my happy hips, they like it warm.  My mind is expansive, I’m more relaxed.  Things smell better, I get to wear less clothing.  I know I need to live now.  In the moment:  but isn’t it natural to relish the days of summer,in the midst of January? 












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