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Oh, That’s Why He Hit Christine’s Car…

Drunk hits Christine's Parked Car

From 7/2/10:

After parking my car in the drive we heard a tremendous thud.  This guy had crashed his car into the recycling bins and hit Chris’ car.  He was getting out to look, deemed everything okay, and was just waving me on.  I told him in my most authoritative voice to stay put, I was getting the owner.  Ava got his license, just in case, and they rushed back to see if Chris was home.

He kept waiving me on, ‘oh my gosh,my car has more damagae’ etc., but by now Ed was there (he saw the whole thing) and I told him to wait.

We got his insurance and I called the Alameda non-emergency police and asked them to come out to make a report.  Again, he wanted to leave after giving Chris his insurance info, again we told him to stay.

By now things were getting weird.  He wanted to go, but we wanted an official report.  I called back and the operator said there was no car available.  As long as we had his name, address, phone, DL # and insurance, he could go.  I told this to Chris and the fellow and he started to tell her his name.  “Winnie like Winnie the Pooh”.  Nevermind, I said, please just give her your license so she can spell it correctly.

After that he said, “ok can I go now? the car is okay…see?” and he pushed her trunk forcifully.  It was a strange thing to do, considering he could make it worse.

That’s when I started to suspect he had been drinking.  I called back to the non emergency line police and told them my suspicions.  “Can you smell anything?”  I said I didn’t want to get close enough to check that out.  I told her that he was acting weird even for a guy who was upset.  She said she would send a car.

That’s when Chris and Ed yelled out.  Apparently he started walking backward and fell down.  I was headed out to the street to help waive off traffic and now I had to snap this photo, for my own sake/record, now that I felt endangered…in the street with someone who was not acting normal.

I got on the phone, this time 911, now we need help.  We waived off the traffic and I told the guy to stand up now.  At first he didn’t want to…but I told him he had to get out of the street now.  He said he could and he struggled.  When he got more or less steady on his feet I told him he was coming with me out of the street for our safety.  I linked my arm in his and guided him to the curb.  I told him to sit down now.  He said he wanted to go to his car to stand and I told him no, he had to sit down.  I made him sit down.

That’s when the police showed up.

I thought the officer’s first question was good:  “Are you diabetic?”  Jeez, why hadn’t I thought of that?  Store that one away.  Next up, “Do you have a weapon?”  Another good question.  Damn.  I didn’t even think of that.  Oh well.  The officer patted him down and found three bottles of booze.

He got the whole drunk test and they took him away in handcuffs.  He was such a goof we all felt sorry for him, but ultimately I’m pretty sure it was a good thing he only hit Chris’ car and not a young child or a family.



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