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Mom’s Manifesto

From 2/10/10:

Desperate, I spoke with my partner, Erik, and asked if I should take a vow of silence in order to more effectively communicate with my teens.


After all, I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing over and over for years, and that’s the definition of futile behavior–a fly repeatedly bumping into the glass and hoping for a different outcome.


We joked about it, but a vow of silence is a tad extreme.  My next thought:  an extended leave of absence.  Would they even notice?  I could live in Southern California in my mom’s rental and govern via text messages.  At least they respond to those.  They still do whatever they want, but a response is nice and almost civil.  I think I could live with that.  Okay, out of the question, mostly because of other peoples’ opinions.  Kidding.


So, after my nap (which is imperative for ALL parents, people and children and the single most important concept that Michelle Obama needs to address in her campaign on obesity)  I came up with this idea…I need to create a MANIFESTO.  Something I can tack up on the wall to point to without saying a word.  After all, everyone has my opinion ground into their consciousness around here…everyone knows my EXACT feelings about socks that are left on the floor daily for every day of my life with children that apparently belong to no one ever.  They hear my voice in their heads, I’m sure.  They just choose to ignore it.


So, although I don’t have time right now, I’m going to write the Mom’s Manifesto based on the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga.    Read on Garth:



Maria Young Ace Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500) Independent Contractor providing the following services: Office Management, Bookkeeping, Web Design, Marketing and Instruction in Yoga and Martial Arts for children and adults. Black Belt, 4 year program, LockBoxing. Maria studied under Erik Lee and won Grand Champion at the Kuk Sool Tri-State Tournament in 2006. Experience Certified Yoga Instructor: 700 hour level. At Piedmont Yoga, Maria’s main instructors were Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee, and Clare Finn. To them she is eternally grateful. Richard Rosen, founder Piedmont Yoga Studio & editor of Yoga Journal says: “Among the 30...students Maria was always among the more assiduous and adept.  If you’re thinking of adding Yoga instruction to your program, then I highly recommend Maria for the job.” College: CSULB: B.A. English Literature, UC Berkeley: M.A. Comparative Literature