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Little Brother Big Heart

John at Cleveland Cardiac


Just got in from Miami where my little brother, John, 45, had to undergo the unique arterial joys of a cardiac cath procedure at Baptist Hospital in Miami.   John’s mitral valve is not sealing properly so his heart has to work double time.  On top of that he had to deal with his wife and his sister (me) both vying for the honor of taking care of him, so his big heart had to work overtime to make everyone happy.

Best part of the hospital day:  Realizing that getting a camera in your femoral artery means you get a “brazilian wax” type shave!  Ha!  Il peau aller au plage maintenant!

The staff all seemed to enjoy the photo of Lily (his four year old daughter) taped to John’s arm for good luck.  Lots of other members came in to see it.

The next day was John’s birthday so we got out to see Key West (I drove, he leaned way back…no kinks in the garden hose!).  The we ate at ImLee where they treated him to a birthday dessert of “donut in syrup”  Galum Jaloob?

But wait, there’s more!  We also had to drive and find the “Whip and Dip” Ice Cream shack visited in 1986 by Jimmy Carter.  (See photo above.)  The building is a classic 1984 pink and green.  They just celebrated their 25th anniversary and I was about to turn to John and say, “Hey, they are as old as us” when I remembered I’m almost twice that.  Sigh.

We also got stuck in a hysterically funny torrential downpour that lasted about fifteen minutes total.  Out front of the hotel my leg got wet up to my knee!



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