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Letting Subconscious Work on Overdrive


Another brief event from yesterday:  I was talking with Wolf about the note:  “live simply….”  I was pondering, how DO people do it–Create vast Oprah like empires/UFC gyms? Entire mega chains?  Why do some people make it and others struggle and finally come up with “oh, nevermind, f— it.”


He sighed heavily.  Too deeply.  “What’s that?” I asked.  “It’s too much, too daunting,” he said implying how to make it in the world, how to have enough?  Maybe I shouldn’t talk about this stuff with my kids…?


Again I came back to wondering about resources.  These people like Jim Rowley and all–who have degrees from Cal State Long Beach like me–who can somehow come up with captial and create empires, did they have a leg up at some point?  Just enough money in the family to get started?  Or was it just all luck–being prepared when the tidal wave strikes?


In past generations, when was wealth passed along? Family members have lived long lives before, but not like now.  It seems like capital that has been built up is depleted by nursing homes and advanced medical care.  Families don’t just house grandma and hope for the best like they used to.


I figure I can put up Mom and Dorothy–create a home for them as my kids grow up and out–but what about me?  What will I do?  What will I want?  Is there ever a way to opt out honorably?  To not be a burden?  Does anyone ever reach the end of their life and say, enough, without it seeming like a cop out?


Erik reminds me that it’s not as easy as just immediately sorting and acting on or discarding information…the subconscious brain needs to work in the background to sort things out.  That’s why immediate reaction is not usually required.  What can I do, what do I need to do, what to let go…


But how to I “take care of” my subconscious mind?  How do I allow it time to sort and not get overwhelmed by information.  Nap, definitely.  Meditate, that too…but without “to do” lists.   That’s the challenge.

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