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Jason Nemur Says:


“Fire goes in and up, Water goes down and out….Handstands are a fire pose.”

I am currently studying the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and I was fascinated by the Anusara instructions for handstands:

  1. Shoulders lift up toward the ears
  2. Open the heart (sternum toward the floor?)
  3. Extend walking feet in

Jenny Sauer Kliein and Jason Nemur mentioned their acrobatic teacher who would say: “More extension!”

Desirée mentioned that when we are afraid (for example when we are upside down in handstands for the first time, out butt squeezes tight.  A fear response.  The action should be feet in, “zippered up” as Jenny Sauer Klein said.  

Another interesting observation was Desirée’s observation about the chakra wheels that spin in this pose…it’s all about stability and expansion.  

1. Muladhara Chakra–The earth or root chakra is meant to be stable, secure.  The base of the spine behind the coccyx. A square. Foundation… your “root” of course.

2.  Svadhishthana Chakra–The water chakra. A circle. The lower belly, the expansive seat of your creativity.

  1. Manipura Chakra–The naval region,  your solar plexus. The fire chakra.  The strong seat of your self esteem. Triangle pointing downward.
  2.   Anahata Chakra– The heart chakra…The air chakra.  “unstruck”.  Hexagram, six pointed star. Expansive.
  3. Vishuddha Chakra–The throat chakra.  A crescent. The stable seat of your voice which gives expression to the emotions within the heart.


The rest she didn’t delve into, and given that they are part of the planes most don’t reach, it’s just as well…



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