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From 1/7/10:

JD came to class yesterday and told Erik how his friend  was arrested at school for having ice.

TM asked: “Ice?”

Erik clarified, “You mean a drug?”

JD: “Yup.”

Erik: “First off, we need to re-examine your definition of the word ‘friend’.  How do you know this guy?”

JD:  “He’s a kid at school, we play ball together.”

Erik:  “You need to be very careful who you hang out with–a guy like that can very easily get you going in the wrong direction.  Think about it, what are the events that led up to that moment?”

Erik continued:  “I mean really, probably there is a long list of bad decisions that led up to the moment of his arrest that can be traced back quite a ways.  The truth is, one of the most important decisions you are going to make in life is who you hang out with.  Let me tell you the story of the five coals:

If you take four coal briquettes and you put one hot briquette on top, my guess is it would just go out.  But, if you take four hot ones and put a cold one on top, my guess is it would ignite.  My point is, people are not that different.  They are influenced by the energy of the people around them.  If you are hanging out with four guys that are smoking, drinking and doing drugs and you think you can convince them to go do something positive (i.e., ‘hey let’s do some pushups, let’s do our homework’) my guess is you’re not going to change their path.  At the same time, if some kid came walking into this class today, and suggested that we all go outside and have a cigarette, I’m pretty sure no one would think that was a good idea.  Anybody selling drugs, in my opinion, is going down.  And usually in a pretty desperate manner.  If you think of a guy going off the side of a boat in a storm, they are grabbing for anyone and anything and they will bring you along with them.”

Nice lesson along with the roundhouse kick pattern.




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