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Erik’s Take on Kapha

From 2/12/10:

Of course, Erik always has a brilliant take on things, that’s why he’s the head instructor.


He believes Kaphas require fun classes that are filled with other pittas and vattas who exemplify desirable bio-mechanic and asthetic of ideals of physicality…with persistence they will learn.


The most difficult thing is when everyone around them thinks the kapha is only performing at 60% and thinks they should be doing better (losing weight, moving faster, performing drills with more anatomical precison) but that negativity doesn’t really motivate them…


Additionally, whatever the student is doing speaks of the teacher…if the student is moving mechanically correct with purpose…it reflects well on the teacher, his/her choice of words and style of presentation…if not, one assumes the flaw is with the teacher who is not motivating the kapha to make progress…


However, this is a personality type that chooses to work less or differently…the fact that you can keep them in the room and moving around is confirmation that the instruction is effective.  


It’s not as easy as finding a better activity or teacher…if they are active and happy at all, that’s as good as it gets.  Steady as she goes.


A patient teacher…is required because they are going to do things their way in their time.  


And there are so many different factors to consider…fast twitch versus slow twitch muscles fibers, different weight bearing issues, hormone issues…


If you feel your child fits in this group, it may be beneficial to schedule a private lesson to review the anatomical positioning and bio-mechanics of the various skill sets we learn…but positive re-enforcement and patience are best of all.



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