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Russian River

Down a Lazy RiverWild Boys

The 4:15 showing was sold out, so on Wolf’s recommendation we saw TS3 which had me crying at the end.  TS came out when Wolf was four.  Now Andy is off to college and so is Wolf.

Wolf says it’s different, he never had an emotional attachment to a toy like Woody, but then he remembered his raccoon and I reminded him how he had me make it a salmon colored sock bed.

Tomorrow we are off to Healdsburg to float down the Russian River in a SOAR inflatable canoe.

Darn it, I didn’t realized the World Cup would be at 11:30 a.m.

We will tape it, but I know the boys are a little disappointed.


Today we took SOAR inflatable canoes to float down the Russian River from Healdsburg.  Although it was “easy” you couldn’t do nothing: be lazy and the river would send you into the shoals and you’d get whacked by bushes.

As I type, I’m still weaving from my day on the water.

Highlight:  when the golden retriever saw Max and Wolf struggling with the rope swing he jumped in and swam across the river to grab it for them.  He didn’t actually help (he scratched Wolf) but he tried.  Very very cute.


Lowlight:  I always get anxious when I setting off to do a new thing and being a “rules following sort of person” I don’t understand how people (like my kids) can say things like “we don’t need water” when the guidelines expressly say to bring water.  Sure you probably wont’ die, but you’ll probably get grumpy and tired and unpleasant, so just grab you bottle and stop giving me a hard time.  They know I always get a little anxious, instead of telling me to chill, why don’t they just humor me?  Mom wants us to take water?  Sure, let’s do it for Mom.

Max and I did great.  When the guide said the back seat is for steering and the front seat is for power, we took him seriously.  Wolf, however, didn’t seem to think he needed to steer and rode the river like a guy on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise.  Ava struggled to paddle, but we’d often hear her squawking in despair when Wolf wasn’t pitching in.

Once I had them change positions (Wolf for power) it seemed to go smoother, especially at the flat wide end of the river where the current stopped flowing easily.

At the end of the trip, Ava checked her phone and announced that Spain had won the World Cup and the boys were very annoyed.

We then ate at RAVENous in Healdsburg and drove down to 128 (Anderson Valley Highway) to Amanda’s in Calistoga where we dropped her off for the week.




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