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Conversation with Daughter

I had this conversation with my sixteen year old daughter.  I think it is the same conversation mothers have been having with their daughters since time immemorial.

Monday night:

“Mom, I want to be with my friend Angela on Tuesday when I’m off school.”

“You were gone all weekend with your favorite auntie and cousin, and you worked all day Sunday.  On Monday you were with another friend.  I think you need a day off to sleep in, organize your life, and do your laundry.”

“I don’t have any laundry.”

“What about all that stuff in your hamper?”

“That’s clean.  Sometimes I just keep stuff in there.”

“Hmmm…really?  I wonder.  Still,  I think you should take a day off, putz around, get organized.”

“I’m a social creature, I need to see my friends in order to feel like I have a life.”

“Yes, but I know what you’re like when you come home tired after school with too much to do and not enough time to do it.”


On Thursday morning when her laundry is wrinkled from being in the dryer since Wednesday morning:

“I need to dry these towels, and I see you have a large load of laundry that’s still in the dryer.  

“Yeah, well, I don’t have time to fold it now.”

“Well, it doesn’t look so good…it’s all wrinkly.”

[The word ‘should’ is on my tongue…she should have taken care of  her laundry, instead of ignoring it and allowing the wrinkles to set.]

“I don’t feel it’s my responsibility to fold it for you, you had time to do this on Tuesday.”

“Don’t talk to me I’m busy.” 

[But I continue, just like moms do:]

“Remember you said you didn’t have any laundry to do on Tuesday?”

“This is the stuff that was in my suitcase.”

[She dodges with a technicality.]

“Oh, you mean, you did have dirty laundry just not in the hamper?”

[Blow dryer starts up, she is still dodging.]

“Remember I did suggest you stay home to get your laundry done on Tuesday?”

[Guilt from Mother Supreme.]

“Yeah, and see what happened?”

[Wait for it…]


“Apparently you stayed home and still didn’t do it.”

“That’s right, see?!”

“Actually, no.  You mean you had time and still chose not to do it?   That staying home didn’t help?”


“Well, that was your choice…”

“Mom, get out of my room.”



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