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Cavemen in the City

Oh my beautifu baby boy

From 1/16/10:

Recently there was an article in the New York Times about a fitness movement.  It’s a caveman thing, men and women who try to recreate the lifestyle of our Paleolithic ancestors.  They run barefoot (good idea, hard in a city), they exercise in the parks by doing things like crawling under scrub brush (cool, as long as the hypodermic needles aren’t threatening).  They feast, then voluntarily experience famine (probably okay), some try to eat raw meat (ugh).  The reporter describes them a lean and muscular with glowing skin.

Basically, the same thing the homeless guys on Venice Beach have been doing for years, only in the cold and on cement.  Gotta give them credit.

I was glad to read about this, it confirms how I feel about my training in martial arts.  I believe that so much of what we do is rooted in basic organic movements that everyone should do…fall or crouch down, jump up, sweep in lateral movements, hit things, get big, get small.



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