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Brief but Tragic Conversations


Yesterday I did not get a nap and by the time I was ready for bed my brain was completely overwhelmed with information.: My friend’s best friend had committed suicide leaving only a note to “live simply”; she had been rear-ended by a fleeting hit and run driver; my dear contractor’s wife needs total hip replacement; my brother’s worried about complications to his surgery; my mother is depressed by the news; my partner’s ex wife is once again taking advantage of circumstances and making everything a little harder than it needs to be; our old Association is making waves and veiled legal threats; Dorothy might need knee replacement…


Meanwhile, I got to spend time watering my garden, wake up and make buckwheat/bran pancakes and bacon to share with the kids (although Ava and I got into a bit of a tiff about the “nutritional value”), and got to walk to Erik’s to swim 1/2 mile in his pool.


My life is okay, but it’s so hard to keep that in focus when every bit of information that comes into my field of vision is upsetting.


Can I do something?  Should I do something?  At night when I lay down I can feel the waves wash over my brain and I tell myself to let this extra information go, it’s outside of my sphere of influence, outside of my ability to control.


But I feel the pain and worry.  I wonder what will happen as the baby boomers age…are we all going to be singing the about aches and pains and tragedy all the time?  How horrible is a world where kids are subject to those stupid commercials for depression and viagra all the time?  

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