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Ava’s Back with Goscia

Florist Girl
Beautiful Daughter

From 1/6/10:

Like a lot of our students, after receiving her black belt, my daughter went on to high school and got interested in a number of other activities….Bollywood dancing, Cross Country, Basketball, Polynesian Dance.  Who could blame her?  If I had time I’d add language classes (Mandarin, Italian), an advanced degree in Sports Medicine, and my CPA license.  (I’m a big fan of continuing education).

It was so nice to see her in class again.  Long and lean, delicate but deceptively strong, she looked very different from the eleven year old I remember watching five years ago.  Like other students who train and then leave for various reasons, she was shy about not remembering her material (although she still has a great shoulder roll and roundhouse kick…those things stick with you).

No worries, we are just glad to be here when students return.  We like to think we can instill some super good memories about how it feels to train hard and work in a direction to acheive a goal.  We hope that students can remember us and recall a positive community of people who like to sweat and drink water for fun.  We don’t drink, don’t smoke, and get our fun from watching each other improve.

Sounds ridiculously simplistic?  Kind of like Glee?  Well, Erik’s always here with his wry sense of humor to keep my earnestness in touch with reality.

But when it’s cold and damp outside, I’m so glad students can feel like they can come home again.



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