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A Pain in the Neck is Gone.

From: 9/12/09:

Back before I studied yoga I was horsing around with my toddling son.  I did a headstand, like I used to do back in the day (too much pressure on my neck, no support from my back and shoulders) and he–of course–knocked me down.  I twisted & compressed my neck something awful in an effort not to fall on him.

I was in terrible pain, went to Kaiser, got xrays and a “donut” and suffered miserably.  Eventually I went back and they said, nothing’s wrong, take yoga.  So I did.

The yoga helped relieve the pain for a while after each class, but I always felt something was wrong.  When I extended my neck, it felt like something was in the way.  I saw deep tissue massage therapists and chiropractors who helped temporarily, but again, years and years of feeling like a screwdriver was just stuck there.

18 years later, testing for my 2nd degree black belt, I was sparring with a young boy (same age as my now 18 year old son) who got tired of letting me choke him out, and dumped me on my head.  I heard a huge adjustment–again a twist and a compression–and I freaked out, assuming I would be worse than ever.  I got up slowly, iced my neck like crazy and cried in the bathroom.  I had not really wanted to spar, even though I love it, I hate getting injured and feel stupid–I am, after all,  in my late 40’s after all–I feel like such a dope.

Anyway, a day went by, then a week, no pain, in fact…LIBERATION!  The screwdriver is gone!!!

I feel such vast relaxation and relief.  It’s like a gigantic load has been removed from not only my neck but also my soul.  I feel calm like I haven’t been in years.

So while I thank the Universe for antibotics and all the advances in medical science, I want to know why they can’t see something like like what I felt was wrong.



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